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更新的内容中,SURF最吸引我的眼球,您觉得呢?例子代码find_obj.cpp等。下面是 1.1pre1 版本的更新日志,贴到这里备忘。



            OpenCV 1.1pre1, October, 2008


>>> New functionality/features: <<<

  - General:

    * Octave bindings have been added. See interfaces/swig/octave (for now, Linux only)

    * [Windows] OpenCV is now built with VS2005 with SSE2 and OpenMP support

      included (if you want to rebuild OpenCV using Express or

      Standard Edition of VS, use _make\opencv.vs2005.no_openmp.sln).

    * [Windows] Python bindings have been updated to use Python 2.6

    * [Windows] cvcam has been removed (as videoInput is now supported by highgui)


    * Speeded-up Robust Features (SURF), contributed by Liu Liu.

      see samples/c/find_obj.cpp and the documentation opencvref_cv.htm

    * Many improvements in camera calibration:

      - Added stereo camera calibration: cvStereoCalibrate, cvStereoRectify etc.

      - Single camera calibration now uses Levenberg-Marquardt method and supports

        extra flags to switch on/off optimization of individual camera parameters

      - The optional 3rd radial distortion parameter (k3*r^6) is now supported in

        every calibration-related function

    * 2 stereo correspondence algorithms:

      - very fast block matching method by Kurt Konolige

        (processes the Tsukuba stereo pair in <10ms on Core2Duo laptop)

      - slow but more accurate graph-cut based algorithm by Kolmogorov and Zabin

    * Better homography estimation algorithms (RANSAC and LMEDs)

    * new C++ template image classes contributed by Daniel Filip (Google inc.).

      see opencv/cxcore/include/cvwimage.h

    * Fast approximate nearest neighbor search (by Xavier Delacour)

    * Codebook method for background/foreground segmentation (by Gary Bradski)

    * Sort function (contributed by Shiqi Yu)

    * [OpenCV+IPP] Face Detection (cvHaarDetectObjects) now runs much faster

      (up to 2x faster) when using IPP 5.3 or higher.

    * Much faster (~4x faster) fixed-point variant of cvRemap has been added

  - MLL:

    * Python bindings for MLL have been added. There are no samples yet.

  - HighGUI:

    * [Windows, 32bit] Added support for videoInput library.

      Hence, cvcam is [almost] not needed anymore

    * [Windows, 32bit] FFMPEG can now be used for video decoding/encoding

      via ffopencv*.dll

    * [Linux] Added unicap support

    * Improved internal video capturing and video encoding APIs

  - Documentation:

    * OpenCV book has been published (sold separately :) see docs/index.htm)

  - New samples (opencv/samples):

    * Many Octave samples

    * find_obj.cpp (SURF), bgfg_codebook.cpp (Codebook BG/FG segmentation),

      stereo_calib.cpp (Stereo calibration and stereo correspondence)

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